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Scotch Reviews


The Bourbon Culture has always been about whiskey reviews, information and the enjoyment of America’s native spirit.

We’ll never stop being that either. But it’s hard to ignore the other “whisky” that inhabits the adjacent shelves at your local liquor store.

Scotch Whisky and Bourbon Whiskey are bedfellows that have an almost mutually dependent relationship these days.

We’ve seen techniques, technologies and even master distillers cross the aisle to dabble in one side or the other.

Scotch and Bourbon are simultaneously as different and as similar as they come.

The pull was too hard for us ignore. We fell into the rabbit hole of Scotch and haven’t been too interested in finding a way out.

Still, you’ll find a sharp divide between those that love Scotch and those that hate it.

But just like Bourbon, it may take a short while to learn to appreciate it. Many bourbon lovers that try Scotch will experiment with the 40% ABV bottom-shelf staples and quickly write it off.

That would be like a Scotch lover wanting to change his mind about bourbon by drinking Cabin Still or Early Times.

But when the world of cask-strength, unchill-filtered fully matured Scotch is shown, it’s hard not to be impressed.

So on that note, we are officially dedicating this new section to the vast expanse of Scotland’s native spirit.

We’re not here to say that one is better than the other, but we do think that there is enough room that both can coexist in your whisk(e)y cabinet. Cheers and Slàinte mhath!