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Blanton’s Gold Single Barrel vs Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Review

Blanton’s Gold Single Barrel vs Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Review

Buffalo Trace Mashbill #2 products are generally some of the hardest to find products in the Buffalo Trace portfolio.  Mashbill #2 is generally accepted as being a higher rye mashbill than regular BT Mashbill #1.  The list of bottles that use Mashbill #2 is short and includes Ancient Age products, Elmer T. Lee, Hancock’s Reserve, all Blanton’s bottles and Rock Hill Farms.  

Blanton's Gold Single Barrel vs Rock Hill Farms

Blanton’s Gold

The Blanton’s Gold you see in this review is not available in the US market and is only sold overseas.  It is bottled at 103 proof as opposed to the US version which is bottled at 93 proof and comes in only 700ml bottles. 

Additionally, all Blanton’s are aged in Buffalo Trace’s Warehouse H, which is a metal-clad warehouse that is designed to speed up the aging process 

Rock Hill Farms

The Rock Hill Farms is a US released product and is bottled at 100 proof.  Both are single barrels, which means that the profile could vary somewhat between the two, but generally they appear very equal on paper. 

With the secondary exploding, these bottles generally can’t be found for under $150.  So if you’re eying a bottle on the secondary, which one should you choose?  I decided that a semi-blind test would be the best way to determine this and sat down to sample these bottles neat and in a glencairn.

Rock Hill Farms

Blind Glass #1

Nose: The nose is nothing short of a dessert lover’s dream: cherry pie filling, golden raisins, butterscotch, vanilla frosting and dark brown sugar all assault the senses and make your mouth water

Palate: This mouthfeel is so viscous and creamy. It’s also appreciably a better tasting palate than Glass #2. Butterscotch pudding, vanilla cake batter, plums and raisins. All turned up to “11.”

Finish: The sweet fruit from the nose and palate doesn’t stop on the finish.  There’s cherry jolly ranchers, red delicious apples, Tupelo Honey, a decent amount of candied orange peel as well. It’s a long, fruity and sweet finish with no heat and no burn.

Score: 8/10

Blind Glass #2

Nose: Another blast of dessert awaits.  This time I get Cherry Cordials, candied oranges, cinnamon spiced peach cobbler, seasoned wood. The nose on this is noticeably fuller and full of more mouth watering aromas than Glass #1

Palate: Liquified cherry pie filling, dark brown sugar, brown butter. The perfect makings for a cherry pie. The rye spice notes are a little more noticeable on this glass than Glass #1.

Finish: The moneymaker Cherry Cordial nose returns on the finish. I can literally taste the chocolate shell breaking apart and the cherry liqueur soaked cherry melting after my sip. The orange zest, maple syrup and vanilla notes stick around with the cherry cordial for a long, LONG time. This finish is incredible and better than Glass #1.

Score: 8.4/10

Blind Reveal:

Glass #1: Rock Hill Farms

Glass #2 Blanton’s Gold

Winner: Blanton’s Gold!


Blatnons Gold

So if you are following along, I preferred the palate of the Rock Hill Farms and the Nose and Finish of Blanton’s Gold. Overall though, Blanton’s Gold gave me the more complete experience. It was so fruity and satisfying and had the depth of some tannic notes popping up.

There wasn’t anything else that I could ask from it aside from maybe a little more proof in the future, but that would lead me into the Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel territory and that’s a review for a different day… 

Final Thoughts

As it stands, both of these are just as great as they should be for the price (even secondary).  You’re getting about 2oz less if you pick up a Blanton’s Gold, but it’s worth it.  These are two classic examples of bourbons you should try in your lifetime.

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