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A List of every Old Forester Barrel Strength Single Barrel

A List of every Old Forester Barrel Strength Single Barrel

I’m attempting to compile a list of all Old Forester Barrel Strength Single Barrels to make something really special. If you could, I’d like your help with getting as much information as possible. Please leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom here telling me the name of the group that did the pick, the floor and warehouse it came from and the proof. If you’ve been brought here through a link on a Facebook Page, it’s okay to leave a comment or picture of a bottle you think should be on this list.

As a final note, it would be awesome if you could indicate if your label has a handwritten proof. Why? That’s the best way of telling if the bottle was filled in 2020. And if you happen to have a barrel number, I’d appreciate knowing it too! I’m not sure what I’ll do with that information yet unless I start to notice a pattern later.

If your time is short, I’ll make this quick, I’m looking for the following warehouses specifically:

Warehouse H – Floor 1

Warehouse J – Floors 1 and 5

Warehouse L – Floor 2

Warehouse B – Floor 3

I am asking for those because after looking over a thousand pictures across various social media sites, I cannot find any bottles from those areas. Even if you have a 100 or 90 proof single barrel from them, please let me know!

Please note that while the Warehouses and Floors are in order, the list of who picked them is not alphabetized yet. Sorry, I’ll get around to doing that momentarily!

Thanks again for all of your help and stay tuned!

Warehouse B

WAREHOUSE B FloorProofHandwritten Proof?
(indicates it was bottled in 2020)
Barrel Number
K&L Wine Merchants4134.6
MTS: KY Exclusive4133.6
Kreston Wine & Spirits 24131.6
No Name on Strip5131.2
Westport Whiskey and Wine5132.4
Federal Grill5134.2
Party Source Barrel #53965131.85396
Liquor Barn #515134.9
Stones River Select5133.1

Warehouse G

WAREHOUSE G FloorProofHandwritten Proof? (indicates it was bottled in 2020)Barrel Number
  BHG #91125.7  
Halftime Liquors1127.5  
Heritage Wine and Spirits1126.1  
Liquor Now1127  
Master Distiller Selected1127  
Mission Wine & Spirits1124.8  
Patuxent Wine and Spirits1125.3  
Pioneer Hills Liquor1127.7  
The Standard Fresno1127.4  
Trump National Golf Club1124.3  
TWM New Year 20221125.5  
Selected by Argonaut 20221124.7  
Stones River Select1124.5  
Windmill Beverages1125.7  
Bourbon Wine & Spirits1124.6  
Bounty Hunter2127.3
Barreled and Aged #22128.1
Mission Wine & Spirits2128.8
Hand Selected by Bubbles2128.1
Santee Market 2021 Edition2128.8
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3126.9  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3127.5  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3127.8  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3128  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3128.1  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3128.2  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3128.3  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3128.4  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3128.7  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel3128.8  
Hi-Time Wine Cellars3125.1  
The Wicked Oak Society3125.1  
OHLQ Exclusive #67984127.66798
Tejas Dead Liver Soc. #24128.3
Axe Hospitality Group4126.2
Selected by Hy-Vee (309)4126.2
Total Wine & More5124.5  
Otter Co-Op 100th5124.9  
Distillery Selection5125.1  
Lucky’s/Trout’s Beverage6127.6
Ale Emporium7128.9  
925’s Ltd Barrel Release7128.2  
“Pine Orchard”7128.8  
Head & Hiatt7132.4  
Kenny’s Liquors7129.2  
bar Vetti – Snake Farm v17128.2  
Redstone Barrel Society7133.8  
SoCal Wine & Spirits7132.9  
The Bourbon Gentleman7129.7  
Towne Spirits & Fine Wine7136.2  
MTS: Brown Sugar8131.7

Warehouse H

WAREHOUSE H FloorProofHandwritten Proof? (indicates it was bottled in 2020)Barrel Number
BevMo! Selection2127.1
CO-OP Wine Spirits Beer2126.3
Grand Wine & Spirts2126.4
Green Meadow Expert Pick2126.4
Hand Selected by Wyatt’s2127.3
Nevada Strong 20222127.7
Outer Heaven: WSF2128.1
Selected by Davidsons, CO2128.5
Shoprite Wine & Spirits2126.8
Unquarantine Cask2126.8
MTS: Hummingbird Food2126.8
Master Distiller Selected2128.2
Master Distiller Selected2125.6
Master Taster Selection2128.1
Tower Beer Wine & Spirits3125Yes 
HI Whiskey Mafia 23125Yes 
Damon’s Beverge3124.2Yes 
Maisano’s Fall 20203125.1Yes 
Yankee Spirits3125.2Yes 
Top Shelf Wine & Spirits4126.8
Westport Whiskey & Wine4126.3
John O’s Liquors 20234127.1
Kroger Barrel Selection4127.4
Tobacco Cane4127.2
Robert’s Package Store4124.7
Charred Oak Spirits4125.3
Harry’s Exclusive #65785125 6578
Jack Rose Dining Saloon5125  
Hatchet Hall IV6127.9
Tailgater @ The Crunch6129.2
Wine on Broadway6128.5
Dr. Hoppy’s 2021 Remedy6130
Sunrise Cellars6129.5
Larry’s Beverage Outlet6129.6
Luekens Wine & Spirits7129.3  
Liquor Lineup7129.3  
Primo Liquor & Fine Wine7126.1  
TWM Juicy Fruit7127.9  
Mash & Grape7129.5Yes 
MTS: Corner Piece of Cake7128.3Yes 
MTS: Crème Brulee7129Yes 
The Neville Effect: Ed. 18130.2
Turtle Creek & Heritage8127.5
Khoury’s Store Pick8127.7
Chris’s Pick – Series 88128.4
This is the Way8127.5

Warehouse I

WAREHOUSE IFloorProofHandwritten Proof? (indicates it was bottled in 2020)Barrel Number
MTS: Bee Hive Chill Vibes1133.2  
Rocklin Bottle Shop1131.8  
Trailhead Liquor1134.2  
Selected by Binny’s 49391127.5Yes 
Perdido Liquors1135.6  
ABC Fine Wine & Spirits1136.5  
JP Liquors1131.9  
Ladies of Libation1133.2  
Discount Liquor Dec 20201129.4  
Barrel Outlaws x Skips1134.6  
Master Distiller Selected2130.9
We’ve Gone to Plaid!2131.1
NE Barrel Selection 20232132.7
Scenic City Whiskey Club2131.7
Antioch Wine & Liquor2131.3
Wine & Beyond2130.2
F44 Dulce De Leche #49433128.3Yes4943
Chris’ Pick – Series 33130.7  
Over The Top 23131.5  
Party Liquors Selection3129.3  
Almighty ATX4132.6
Liquor Barn #505134.1  
Bold and Old5129.6  
Be Someone HTX5130  
Loch & K(e)y “The Cure”5129.9 #5 of6130
CLWC – OF’s For Closers6129.7
Jubilation Wine & Spirits6129.6
Total Wine Nevada6128.6
TWM Cherry Pop Tart6131.1
Dirty Mike6129.9
Surdyk’s Since 19346129.9
Mega Package Store6130.5
Oak Liquor Cabinet6128.8
Martin’s Super Market #17132.4  
Austin Shaker 3.08133.8
KY Exclusive 038132
Central Avenue Liquors8133.4Yes
Distillery Selection8131
BevMo! Selection8133.9
MTS: Tropicana8132.6Yes
Liquor Express8134.9
Nick Perry Private Stock8134.8
Garfield’s Beverage8134.2Yes
M&R Liquor8134.4
Nestor Liquor8134.8
South TX Bourbon Society8133.5
VA Bourbon Select Group8136.3
TJ’s Market8131.5
Vern’s No Problem BP18131.4
#12JCBS Olde Towne Steaks8133.5
Hand Selected by Philnor8135.7
Hellen Cellar Package Store8131.9

Warehouse J

WAREHOUSE JFloorProofHandwritten Proof? (indicates it was bottled in 2020)Barrel Number
Lee’s Helping Hand2130.5
Brown Bag Liquor2130.1
Kwiker Liquor2130.1
BCBC – Gooey Pecan Pie3128.4  
Chris’ Pick – Series 13128.6  
Colonial Wine & Spirits3128.4  
Liquor Outlet 20233129.1  
Gordon’s Est. 19343129  
MTS: Pear-fection3129.4  
Lukas WGS3129.3  
Khoury’s Store Pick3128.4  
The Bottle Shop3128.9  
Total Beverage3128.8  
MTS: Melondramatic4130.5Yes
MTS: Chocolate Squirrel4130.1Yes
Dillon Ridge Liquors6127.6
Picked by KC- Jewel-Osco6128.7
Premier Wine & Spirits6130.8
Austin Shaker 2.08132.4
No Name8133.8
Crafters 20218133.8
BHG #88134.7
Butter Run/DWS8134.5
McClellan’s Retreat8134
Molly’s Spirits8134.3
MTS: Wild Cherry8135.2
Veranda Bistro & Bar 20218135.1

Warehouse K

WAREHOUSE KFloorProofHandwritten Proof? (indicates it was bottled in 2020)Barrel Number
Atlas Valley Part Deux1128.1  
Magnum’s Cigar Bar1126.1  
Lake House Kitchen + Bar1130.2  
Stateline Liquors1128.6  
Gibby’s Bottle Shop1128.2  
Distillery Selection1130.7  
Birmingham Bourbon Club1125.7  
Intercontinental Beverage2130.5Yes
Northstar Private Barrel2130.9
Sip Whiskey2131.9
Cypress Craft2129
Prav Saraff2128.1
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel2129.8
Benstein Liquors3128.4  
Hand Selected by Kroger3128.2  
The Austin Shaker 20213127.2  
Proper & Ernest Batch No13127.6  
TWM Summer Heat 20213127.9  
Safeway Capital Hill3   
Potomac Wines & Spirits3127  
SJ Bourbon Drinkers3127  
Somerville Supersaver3128.1  
Gallenstein Selection #123128.1  
Martha’s Vineyard3129.3  
Miami Bourbon Society3127.4  
Largo Beverage3127.6  
Bury Barrel Mafia4129
Magnolia Series #14128.7
Selected by Maine Spirits4128.2
Kako’s Market4129.3
TWM: Banana Coconut Cake4131
Big C Liquors/DWS5129.3  
Capital County Select5131.8  
Raley’s Nevada Team5129.4  
Handpicked by Speakeasy5130.8  
Liquor World Las vegas5130.3  
The Bottle Shop5133  
Winthrop Liquors5128.3  
W.U.F. Society5129  
The Bourbon Enthusiast5127.6  
Twin Liquors5127.8  
MTS: KY Exclusive 0015128.3  
MTS: Mint Meltaway5128.6  
Southern Apple Pie5132.5  
“Pine Orchard”5128.7  
Jensen’s Liquors6130.9
Largo Beverage6129.2
LI/MBA Strawberry Krunch6129.7
Five Star Liquors/DWS-’226130.3
Old Oaks Steakhouse6130
Total Wine & More6129.4
Wine & Spirits6130.6
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel7131.2  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel7131.1  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel7130.6  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel7130.9  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel7131.4  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel7131.5  
Rye Whiskey Single Barrel7131.6  
MTS: Kentucky Hug8134
Bourbon Hounds HTX #48134.5
Good Spirits #18134.2
Eskimo Bros Barrel Club8134.9
Kreston Wine & Spirits8134.5
Top Tier Barrel ….8133.9Yes

Warehouse L

WAREHOUSE LFloorProofHandwritten Proof? (indicates it was bottled in 2020)Barrel Number
  Elephant Ranch1128.2
Global Wine & Spirits #691129
Master Distiller Selected1130.4
OFD: Uncle Baby Billy1129.7
Woodman’s Rockford 20211128.7
Avenue & Hawthorne 20203127.7  
Bern’s Steak House ’223132  
Frugal MacDoogal’s Select3132.2  
Hand Selected by Wilbur’s3127.6  
Inlet Harbor Liquors3128  
Cellars Wine & Spirits3129.6  
Liquor Barn #563131.1  
Liquor Depot3128.7  
Rapid Liquors3130.9  
No Name3131.2  
Habersham Beverage3129.9  
Total Wine & More WA3132.9  
Silver State Bourbon Society3128.6  
Macon Beverage Outlet3130.8  

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Alec H.

Friday 29th of December 2023

Indiana Liquor Group #3

Warehouse "I" Floor "5" ABV 65.15% Proof 130.3

Joshua White

Thursday 16th of November 2023

I have a bottle of:

Kroger Wine & Spirits Warehouse I Floor 5 132.1 proof


Saturday 28th of October 2023

Local store dropped today; I missed out :( Community Spirits '23 - H6 128.3

Scott Herron

Sunday 22nd of October 2023

I just purchased one from 21st Amendment (Indianapolis). It is from Warehouse J, Floor 7, and is 133.2 Proof. The proof is not hand written. I also had a bottle from Binny's in Chicago I purchased in October of 2019. It was from Warehouse L, Floor 4, but I did not note the proof. I actually came here hoping to find that information. I will have to check back.

Paul Stoddard

Tuesday 26th of September 2023

OFD Bottle Shop Select (2023) H - 6 128.8 proof