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Worthy Park Quatre Vins Rum Review

Worthy Park Quatre Vins Rum Review

Distilled & Bottled by Worthy Park

Region: Jamaica

Type: Rum

ABV: 52%

Age: 6yrs

Color: Copper

This special release from Worthy Park is 100% pot still rum initially aged in Jamaica for 4yrs before traveling to Denmark where it aged for an additional 2 years. When it arrived in Denmark, it was split into four different batches and finished in wine casks, hence the name: Quatre Vins. It was then bottled at 52% ABV.

Tasting Notes


Nose: This is initially very wine-forward for me with some tannic character. Aside from the cooked red fruit, there are many notes that remind me of sherried scotches. I find fig and toasted nuts and even some smokey barrel char. The rum makes itself known with a wallop of molasses and fresh pineapple.

Palate: There is a medium weight viscosity for the liquid on the palate. Overall the taste is much more rum forward with lots of green bananas, more molasses and a hint of burnt rubber.

Finish: The ending has a nice length to it with more molasses flavors coupled with ginger snaps (which I find in a lot of the Worthy Park rums I’ve had). Each sip also ends with more wine character showing through again in the form of cooked red fruit.

Rating: 7/10, Very Good

Conclusion: This is a very enjoyable rum, but I believe I would struggle nosing this blind to not guess it is a sherried Scotch. The wine casks impart a lot of sherry-like scents and only on the palate and finish do I finally find the rum notes. Overall, I like the balance between the rum notes and the wine and think they pair well. This is a delicious and reasonably priced rum (in today’s market) that any fan of Jamaican rum should pick up if you can find it.

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10| Perfect

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