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We Couldn’t Do This Without You

We Couldn’t Do This Without You

There is a subject that doesn’t get mentioned a lot throughout the various review websites, but it centers around the people that have helped us out to get to where we are today. Early on in my review writing, I focused on a lot of mid-tier bottles because the expensive and rare allocated bottles were so hard to come by.

The incredible expense of trying to find these bottles would have simply been impossible to keep up with. On top of that, as distilleries release newer versions of products, that would mean I’d have to go out and re-purchase bottles just to get a picture of their new labels. I feel overwhelmed every time I hear about a new release, but it is because of my friends that this journey is a little bit easier.

Reviewing Whiskey is a Marathon

Reviewing whiskey is a marathon, not a sprint. And if I’m going to keep up in this race, it’s going to come down to the relationships I have and the friends I’ve made along the way. You’ve put me on your shoulders by sharing bottles or giving me access to them.

I wouldn’t have half of the reviews you see here today if it wasn’t for these great people and the lengths they went through to help me out. I want to take a moment to personally say “Thank You” to each and every one of them and to let my audience know that these people that have helped me for years now.

I appreciate the bottles you’ve leant, shared, sold or traded with me in order to help me fulfill my dream. Some of you have given me information that helps put the pieces together on the articles I write. Whatever way you helped me, I am forever indebted to your kindness.

Mike B.

Nick R.

Brad B.

Nick M.

Mitch R.

Joey E.

Brian F.

Aaron W.

Ryan B.

Adam R.

Cyrus Y.


Steve C.

Andrew G.

David L.

Jason H.

The Mario Brothers

The Matt’s

Peter L.

Anil P.


John C.

Bobby C.


Jordan W.

Dan W.

Dan B.

Billy N.

Joe V.

Mohammed M.

Chris C.




The Auditor Reviews

Drew B.

Tim L.

Ian V.

Lauren F.

Mike B.

John. N.

Bill I.

Ray V.

Allen E.

Del Mesa Liquor and Deli

Gene N.

Distilleries and Bottlers

The following distilleries and bottlers have also sent me some fantastic bottles of which I am extremely grateful for. My reviews are never influenced by your generosity, but I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you and I hope to review many more products for you in the future.

Barrell Craft Spirits

Starlight Distillery

Chattanooga Whiskey Distillery

Mile High Distillery


Doc Swinson’s

Frey Ranch

Hotaling Corporation

Sespe Creek

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