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Top Poker Gifts For Whiskey Fans

Top Poker Gifts For Whiskey Fans

The reason why most people associate playing poker with whiskey has something to do with how popular media has portrayed the two together. You can rarely see a movie scene where actors playing poker are not surrounded by or drinking glasses of whiskey.

For instance, the 1998 heist and poker movie Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels portrayed poker rooms clouded with cigar smoke and characters taking big swigs of whiskey. The same scenes can also be seen in the James Bond franchise, among many others.

As a result, whiskey became a traditional drink of choice for most poker players. You can therefore expect that most poker players are probably fans of whiskey, particularly the all-American bourbon. In our previous article, we shared how avid fans of the drink enjoy collecting the limited varieties of labels that are bottled at different proofs and ages. With this, we see the interest of whiskey fans in collecting items that showcase their favorite liquor brand.

If you know someone who plays poker and loves to drink whiskey, here are four poker-related gift ideas for them:

Playing Cards With Whiskey Prints

Cards are one of the most popular types of collectibles. That’s why it’s no wonder that whiskey brands made their variations of collectible poker cards for fans who love both hobbies. This makes whiskey poker cards like the Laurence King Publishing whiskey poker cards the ideal gift for whiskey drinkers and poker players.

Instead of the usual King, Queen, and Joker designs, whiskey poker cards are beautifully illustrated with different bottles of whiskey, with 39 malt whiskeys from around the world and 13 whiskey-based cocktails. It even includes a booklet with information about the world’s favorite distilleries and recipes for all the cocktails. Because the cards are designed with whiskey drinks and bottles, it’s the perfect card to use whenever you play a game of whiskey poker.

Whiskey-Themed Poker Chips

Similar to cards, whiskey-themed poker chips are perfect gift ideas for liquor fans. What makes it even better than cards is that poker chips are signature poker trademarks. They are also a subtle nod to your love of whiskey when in use. In-game, poker chips are assigned specific monetary values. With whiskey-themed pieces, like the Knob Creek bourbon poker casino chips, the traditionally color-based values (green for $25, black for $100, and purple for $500) are complemented by whiskey logo prints.

Although some poker pieces use brand logo designs, other whiskey brands choose to create unique poker chip designs that truly embody their brand. With this, owners of these items prefer to keep them as memorabilia. Since many of these poker chip sets are limited, it’s the best gift you can give to avid whiskey fans.

Whiskey Glasses Embossed With Poker Details

Last on the list is a poker-themed whiskey glass. Poker players who love to drink while playing a game of poker will definitely love this gift. If you’re looking for the best deal, JoyJolt poker whiskey glass set includes an 11oz bourbon glass with an engraved poker card design such as Jack of Spades, Ace of Clubs, King of Diamonds, and Queen of Hearts. Apart from a drinking glass, the set contains unique metal ice cubes and tongs with poker dice designs as well as a dice pouch and complete card deck.

This is not the first time whiskey brands partnered or used unique ideas to create one-of-a-kind whiskey glasses. Previously, a whiskey accessories company created true-to-scale replicas of the four iconic mountains, Mont Blanc, Denali, K2, and Fuji, inside their whiskey glasses. Because of its ingenuity, whiskey fans eagerly supported the product.

If you have a friend or family member who loves poker and whiskey, we hope the above gift ideas are useful.

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