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Greenline Goods Science of Whiskey Etched Whiskey Glass

Greenline Goods Science of Whiskey Etched Whiskey Glass

If you’ve read some of my articles, you can tell that I’m a bit of a whiskey nerd. I’m constantly trying to learn more about distillation, barreling and maturation. But all of these concepts and techniques are designed to produce one thing: whiskey that tastes great.

It’s not just magic or luck that makes a whiskey taste great, it’s the chemistry behind it all and how the human body reacts to the molecules that are created inside of a still or transformed with contact from charred oak wood. These things fascinate me.

Glencairn’s aren’t always the most appropriate glassware

One of the last thing a whiskey comes in contact with before you enjoy it is the glass you pour it in. I cannot tell a lie (and my pictures don’t either), I normally choose to drink my whiskey in a glencairn.

However, a glencairn isn’t the most appropriate glassware for all occasions. Sometimes it comes off as too uppity or delicate.

Sometimes you want ice in your drink. Sometimes you have a guest that just wants a glass that they can hold that takes up their whole hand and they don’t have to hold it awkwardly… this is why nothing can touch the feel and look of a tumbler.

Greenline Goods Etched Whiskey Glass

Greenline Goods asked me if I’d check out their website and pick out a set of glasses to try out. My bar can never have too many glasses, so I gladly obliged. They have a ton of glasseware to choose from and all are made unique by the sand-etched graphic designs on them.

The Science of Whiskey Etched Glass

As a quick aside, I really liked the wine glasses that detailed all of molecules commonly found in a glass of wine but since I’m a whiskey reviewer, I knew I should probably pick a glass that related to whiskey. That’s why I selected the “Science of Whiskey” etched glass.

This glass is cool because I can actually learn as I drink. Most people that I drink with know what they like to drink, but are usually not well versed on why they like it.

I try to explain to them that certain distilleries use yeast and production methods that give their whiskey telltale aromas and tastes.

I probably sound like a fool when I try to explain this but having this roadmap of molecules and their traits brings a certain credibility to what I’m trying to explain.

The molecules etched on this glass not only give the name, but also the notes they impart throughout the aging and wood interaction process.

Another Bonus

Try to get your friends to pronounce the names of these compounds after you’ve poured them a few drinks. It’s a guaranteed good time.

Aside from the great etching detail that goes into each glass, you may think that there’s not much else that separates this from others like it.

That’s not exactly true as I have a couple of rocks glasses from a company called Well Told that I’ve had about the same length of time as these.

After about 10 cycles through the dishwasher (I wash all of my glassware in a small bar-sized dishwasher using Kleenite detergent), the Well Told glasses developed a slight haze to them whereas these Greenline glasses don’t seem to be effected. I think this shows that they’ll hold up to multiple washings in the future.

Greenline Goods Whiskey Glass

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these glasses and I would recommend them to my friends. I actually have one friend who loves bourbon and is an Organic Chemistry professor at a local college and he got a kick out these when I brought them out the other night.

He said he’d definitely look into them now that he knew they existed. The best part is, if he ended up not liking these glasses, then Greenline does offer a money-back guarantee.

All told, these would make a great gift for a friend who is really into whiskey or even for yourself. If you’d like to find out more, check out their site at and use code BOURBONCULTURE15 during checkout to save 15%.

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