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National Rums of Jamaica: Long Pond ITP-15 Review

National Rums of Jamaica: Long Pond ITP-15 Review

Distilled by Long Pond

Bottled by National Rums of Jamaica

Region: Jamaica

Type: Rum

ABV: 45.7%

Age: 15yrs

Color: Dark Copper

This bottling of Long Pond comes from National Rums of Jamaica (NRJ) which is co-owned by the Jamaican government, Demerara Distillers and West Indies Rum Distillers. As I understand it, this is the first direct distillery release of Long Pond to the US.

Fans of the brand are hopeful that there will be more of their products hitting our shores soon. The bottle is a single marque, Ive Trelawny Pot (IPT for short) with an ester range of 90 – 120 gr/hl which is on the lower end for Jamaican rums. The rum was aged for 15yrs in ex-bourbon barrels before being bottled at 45.7% ABV.

Tasting Notes


Nose: The nose is light, approachable and loaded with ripe fruits with banana standing out the most. I also get hints of fresh cut flowers before transitioning to lemon cleaner and gingerbread while ending with burnt molasses.

Palate: The liquid feels lightweight on the palate with lots of wood spice showcasing the rum’s age. I also get baking spice and a touch of orange zest.

Finish: Good length on the finish which is heavily influenced by the molasses note from the nose. In fact, there is a ton of molasses on this finish. I also get hints of the nose’s banana note and palate’s wood spice/baking spice before the molasses returns to wash away everything else.

Rating: 6/10, Above Average

Conclusion: This is pleasant and approachable rum which starts with a beautiful nose that draws you in. The palate is where the rum’s age makes itself known with nice wood and spice influence before the finish transitions to overwhelming molasses.

This is fine rum and very easy to sip but it feels a bit like a “safe choice” for the broader US market. I would much prefer something at a higher proof and a bolder marque, especially at this price point. Although I like this rum, I can’t recommend it at its silly price tag.

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