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Sazerac Completes Acquisition of Weller and Charter Brands

Sazerac Completes Acquisition of Weller and Charter Brands

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky., April 28 /PRNewswire/ — Sazerac Company, Inc., is pleased to announce the completed purchase of the W.L. Weller and Charter bourbon brands from Diageo, Inc., on April 28, 1999. 

W.L. Weller is one of only a handful of “wheated” bourbons available to consumers today, along with Rebel Yell and Old Fitzgerald. The use of wheat in the recipe provides for an exceptionally rich, smooth bourbon whiskey. Due to limited supplies of whiskey, W.L. Weller has never been widely available outside of the main markets of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Over time, Sazerac plans to gradually increase stocks and supplies of W.L. Weller, eventually making the brand available to bourbon aficionados throughout the United States. 

Charter, known for its slogan “the whiskey that never watches the clock,” provides consumers with bourbon whiskey of outstanding character and taste. Charter is selected at no less than eight years of age, with additional offerings at ten and twelve years, guaranteeing the consumer the very best quality in bourbon whiskey. 

In addition, Sazerac has acquired a unique collection of rare and valuable “wheated” bourbons and rye whiskies, which added to its current stocks of older bourbon whiskey will allow the company to make available a very special series of limited edition American whiskies. 

“American whiskies — Bourbon and Rye — are steadily gaining popularity with consumers throughout the world and enjoying a resurgence in popularity here at home. This acquisition, combined with our existing stocks and brands of whiskey will enable us to provide consumers around the world with one of the most comprehensive ranges of taste and aged whiskey available,” said Stephen Camisa, director of Global Bourbon Marketing. The current portfolio includes such well-known brands as Blanton’s, Ancient Age, Benchmark, Eagle Rare and Sazerac. 

Rodney Nourse, director of Corporate Development for Sazerac, concluded by saying that “Sazerac has been working hard over the last five years to develop and implement an overall consumer strategy for growing its bourbon whiskey business. The acquisition of W.L. Weller and Charter marks an end to the first phase of the plan. We now look forward to developing our various Bourbon and Rye brands and offering consumers the opportunity to experience the delights of American whiskey!” 

Sazerac Company, Inc., is a producer and marketer of fine spirits and wines, with operations in New Orleans, Louisiana; Franklin County, Kentucky; and Loomis, California.

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