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BB test

BB test
Distillery/BrandRetail PriceSecondary PriceTier
Angel’s Envy
Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon$200$250
Bardstown Bourbon Company
Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaboration Series – Chateau De Laubade Release #2$150No Secondary Value
Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaboration Series – Rum Finished$150No Secondary Value
Barrell Craft Spirits
Barrell Craft Spirits Gray Label Bourbon$200No SecondaryT3
Barrell Craft Spirits Gray Label Seagrass$200No SecondaryT3
Barrell Craft Spirits Gray Label Dovetail$200No SecondaryT3
Barrell Craft Spirits Gray Label 24 Year Whiskey$200No SecondaryT3
Barrell Craft Spirits Label Bourbon$450 (suggested $500)No SecondaryT3
Barrell Craft Spirits Gold Label Seagrass$450 (suggested $500)No SecondaryT3
Barrell Craft Spirits Gold Label Dovetail$450 (suggested $500)No SecondaryT3
Barton Distillery
1792 Full Proof (Store Pick)$55$75+T3
1792 Aged Twelve Years$60$100+T3
1792 Sweet Wheat$40$90+T3
Buffalo Trace / Age International
Buffalo Trace (Store Pick)$30$50+
Buffalo Trace Kosher (Straight Rye, Rye Recipe or Wheat Recipe)$40$80T3
Eagle Rare Bourbon Single Barrel (Store Pick)$35$50+
EH Taylor Small Batch$40$100T3
EH Taylor Single Barrel$60$200T3
EH Taylor Single Barrel (Store Pick)$80$250T2
EH Taylor Straight Rye 2020$80$225T3
EH Taylor Barrel Proof (129.0 proof) 2022$80$475T2
EH Taylor Warehouse C$100$1000+T1
Blanton’s Single Barrel (93 Proof US version)$55$110T3
Blanton’s Single Barrel (Store Pick)$55$130+T3
Blanton’s Gold (700ml)Varies by country$225+T2
Blanton’s Bourbon Black or Green Label (700ml, 80 proof)Varies by country$150T3
Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel (700ml)Varies by country$275+T2
Hancock’s Reserve$50$90+T3
Rock Hills Farm$55$325T2
Elmer T. Lee$40$280T2
Stagg Jr. (Batch 16 or 17)$55$250+T3
Stagg Jr Single Barrel$90$350+T3
George T. Stagg BTAC 2022$120$800T1
William Larue Weller BTAC 2022$120$1,600T1
Thomas H. Handy BTAC 2022$120$600+T1
Sazerac 18 Year BTAC 2022$100$1500+T1
Eagle Rare 17 Year BTAC 2022$120$1700+T1
Weller Bourbon Special Reserve$23$40T3
Old Weller Antique 107$50$100T3
Old Weller Antique 107 (Single Barrel)$50$150+T3
Weller 12 Year$45$250T2
Weller Single Barrel (Orange Label)$40$600+T2
Weller CYPB$50$500+T2
Weller Full Proof$55$225T2
Weller Full Proof (Single Barrel)$55$250T2
Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year 2022$130$800T1
Van Winkle Lot B 12 year 2022$150$900T1
Pappy Van Winkle 15 year 2022$140$1800+T1
Pappy Van Winkle 20 year 2022$200$2800+T1
Pappy Van Winkle 23 year 2022$350$4000+T1
Van Winkle Family Rye Reserve$120$1,700T1
Mister Sam 2021 Release$250$2,200
Four Roses
Four Roses Private Selection (non-tier 6)$75$125+T3
Four Roses Private Selection (Tier 6, O, K or V yeast strains OR proof above 125)$75$200+T3
Four Roses Gift Shop Opening Exclusive 20 Year old OESV$150$1,100T3
Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch 2022$150$400T1
Kentucky OwlNo Secondary Value
Heaven Hill
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (A122, B522, C922)
Elijah Craig Single Barrel “Grenade” (200ml)$90
Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel Bourbon$35$70T3
Elijah Craig 18 Year Old Single Barrel 2020$55$80T3
Larceny Barrel Proof (A122, B522, C922)$130$200+T3
Evan Williams 23 Year Old Bourbon$65$90T3
Old Fitzgerald 17 Year (Spring 2022)$250$600+T2
Old Fitzgerald 19 Year (Fall 2022)$200$700T2
Parker’s Heritage 11 Year Old Heavy Char Wheat Whiskey (2021)$240$900T2
Parker’s Heritage Double Barreled Blend (2022)$150$650T2
William Heaven Hill 15 Year Old Bourbon (109 Proof) (Green Label)$150$650T2
Heaven Hill Select Stock You Do You Bourbon Experience$250$580+T2
Heaven Hill 17 Year Old Bourbon (2022)$250$400T2
High West
Midwinter’s Night Dram Act 10$250$950T4
Midwinter’s Night Dram Encore (White Port Finish)$150 (varies)$200T3
High West + The Prisoner Collaboration$120$325T3
Jim Beam
Knob Creek Limited Edition 18 Year Old Bourbon$120$300T4
Little Book Chapter 6 “To The Finish”$180$250T3
Jack Daniel’s
Jack Daniel’s Coy Hill Batched Tennessee Whiskey (375ml)$110No Secondary ValueT4
Jack Daniel’s Double Barreled Malt Whiskey$75$600+
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof Tennessee Whiskey (Store Pick)$80$300T3
Jack Daniel’s Distiller’s Select High Toast Maple Wood or Oak Wood Finish (2022 release)$75$100T3
Luxco / Lux Row
Rebel Gift Shop Single Barrel 12 Year Wheated Bourbon Barrel Proof$45$90T4
Lux Row Distillers Double Barreled$200$500
Blood Oath Pact 8 (Calvados Finished) 2022$150$200+T3
Maker’s Mark
Maker’s Mark DNA Series (all 4)$110$180+T4
Maker’s Mark BRT-01 or BRT-02$400$600T3
Michter’s Distillery
Michter’s Toasted Barrel Sour Mash Whiskey 2022$65$100T4
Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye 2022$85$220T2
Michter’s Barrel Strength Bourbon 2022$90$200+T2
Michter’s 10 Year Bourbon$100$275+T2
Michter’s 10 Year Rye$130$275+T2
Michter’s 20 Year Bourbon (2021 or 2022)$150$275+T2
MGP / Ross & Squibb
Remus Repeal Reserve V$75$150+T3
Remus Repeal Reserve VI$90$150
Remus Gatsby 15 Year Cask Strength$90$110
Old Forester
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2022$250$280+
Old Forester Single Barrel (Barrel Proof) Bourbon$150$800T1
Old Forester Single Barrel (Barrel Proof) Rye Whiskey$70$120+T3
Old Forester Single Barrel (Barrel Proof) “MTS: The Last O Warehoues”$90$225T3
King Ranch Bourbon (Texas only release)$90$325T3
President’s Choice$75$130T3
King of Kentucky Single Barrels 2022$150$800+T1
Smoke Wagon
Smoke Wagon Uncut and Unfiltered$250$1600+T2
Smoke Wagon Rare and Limited (Any Batch)$65$90T3
Smoke Wagon Experimental Malted Rye Whiskey 9 Years Old$150$500+T2
Whistlepig Boss Hog IX$150$400+T4
Whistlepig Piggybank 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey$550No Secondary ValueT3
Whistlepig Single Barrel Store Picks$120$275+T3
Whistlepig 18 Year Double Malt$80$100+T3
Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten$370$400T4
Wild Turkey101 12 Year Old Export$175$375T2
Russell’s Reserve 13 Year$70 or $120$225T3
Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse$100$300T2
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon$250$325T2
Willett / Kentucky Bourbon Distillers
Willett Rye Whiskey or Bourbon from their own distillery$20 per year aged$50 - $70 per year agedT3
Willett 8 Year Wheated Bourbon$250$400T3
Woodford Reserve
Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Batch Proof (2022, 118.4 proof)$120$175T3
Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Five Malt$130$150T3
Woodford Reserve Distiller Select Honey Finish$40$110T3
Kentucky-Sourced Bourbon (from Undisclosed Distilleries)
Cream of Kentucky Bottled In Bond Rye Whiskey (Sourced from Kentucky Artisan Distillery)$70$100
Yellowstone Limited Edition Marsala Cask Finished (2022)$100$150T3
Lucky 7 – 14 Year Old “The Proprieter” (proof above 130)$150$275T3
Blue Run (All 2022 bottlings)Varies No Secondary Value
Hirsch Single Barrels (Willett sourced bourbon)$100$150T3
MGP-Sourced Bourbon
Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend (all 2022 releases, Batch 85 and up)$150$300+T3
Mayor Pingree Various Age Stated Bourbon (7 to 15 years old)Varies $25 per year agedT3
Nelson Bros Honey Finish (2022 Release – 1500 bottles)$200$350+T3
Redwood Empire 15 Year Unfinished Bourbon$200$350T3
Other Sourced Bourbon
Starlight Cigar Batch Bourbon or Rye Whiskey$80$150
Wolves Rye Whiskey Batch 2 (Blend of Willett Rye Whiskey and MGP Rye Whiskey)$225$250